Social Media Challenges & Contests

Miscellaneous experiments and well as pieces created for social media art challenges. Often “SuperScience-adjacent” in theme. Many of these pieces were originally posted to the SuperScience Threads account.

A horrifying, overweight clown crawling out from under a bed in a filthy room.
Moonlit Night
Zombie Family Portrait
Crystal Ball
AI recreation of "Church Scene" Artwork from Candy Sack
Eerie Cemetery
Cursed Doll
Hey There
Classic Camp Robot
"Stranded" by Randal Silvey
"Never Sleep Again" by Randal Silvey

“Social Media Challenges & Contests” section contains artwork by Randal Silvey as well as pieces leaning more heavily on AI generated imagery.

This is various artwork inspired by or as promotional material for SuperScience tracks and albums. Often created for social media posts.

Artwork by Randal Silvey.

I’ve created the artwork for most of the SuperScience albums myself. The Candy Sack artwork remains my favorite.

Artwork by Randal Silvey.