Edge of the Abyss Radio Show

I’m hosting an online radio show! If you’re a metalhead I think you’ll enjoy it. It’s called Edge of the Abyss with Randal Silvey and can be heard Friday evenings from 9pm to 11pm Eastern on Helix Rock Radio. Two hours of the heaviest, nastiest, most brutal metal I can find.

The radio program isn’t tied to SuperScience specifically so you won’t (likely) hear any of my own music on the show. What you will hear is a wide mix of extreme metal, though. Thrash, black metal, OSDM, technical death metal, grindcore, and on and on. I won’t pretend to be an extreme metal aficionado but that’s what has been so great about hosting the show thus far. It has been a wonderful “excuse” for me to scour the new music releases and dig through the discographies of bands that never hit my radar.

After each show I’ll be updating the Abyss page here on the SuperScience site with the show’s track list along with a Deezer playlist. To listen to the show, though, you’ve got to hit up Helix Rock Radio at Friday nights from 9pm to 11pm Eastern. Helix Rock Radio is an online station ran by a great group of Pennsylvania guys who, thankfully, let some midwestern weirdo take over for two hours each Friday to play repugnant, mind melting metal.

Click here to view the broadcast playlists.

Edge of the Abyss Past Playlists Page

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