SuperScience! Music Video

SuperScience! Music Video (Remastered)

Music video for “SuperScience!” by SuperScience. The song received a full remaster for the album, Candy Sack, so it’s only fair the video also received a… new presentation.

Originally released on the Electronic Musicians Group channel in 2014, the song and video pre-date (and informed) the artist title change from CTRL_ALT_DSTRY to SuperScience. The video is a re-edit of The Brain That Wouldn’t Die, a 1962 horror/sci-fi film that has fallen into the public domain in the US.

Featured on the album...

SuperScience - Candy Sack Album Cover

A Halloween assortment of horror inspired synth sweets. A grubby fist full of unreleased tracks collected together with tracks only ever released via compilation albums over the years.

Released: October 22, 2021

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